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I backed up my laptop's ITunes folder by copying out all the *.ipa apps I had installed. Some of these IPAs are no longer available on the app store, or require newer hardware than I own.

How can I tell if a given *.ipa is intended for an iPad or iPhone by looking at (or using tooling to probe) the file?

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I hope you don't mind getting a bit geeky.

*.ipa files are just zip files. To look inside you can:

1. You can copy the files to a new location.
2. Rename the copies to *.zip.
3. Unzip the files.
4. Use the finder to look through the unzipped folders.

I believe that Apple requires correct icons for each device so you should be able to tell by looking for the icon files in the package.

I used Temple Run 2 for this example. After expanding the zip archive I had a folder named Temple Run 2 1.0 Folder in my safe location. The icon files are located in Temple Run 2 1.0 Folder/Payload/

You can tell if it is universal by looking for the "Icon*.png" files.

Icon.png - iPhone
Icon@2x.png - iPhone Retina
Icon-72.png - iPad
Icon-144.png - iPad Retina
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View in iTunes, the menu bar at the top of the page allows you to see which is iPad, which is iPhone etc.

Also view in List mode, you can highlight and transfer in bulk

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