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My mp3 in iTunes shows a time of about 20 minutes, when it really have about 5 minutes. The VLC Player and the Windows Media Player shows the correct time for the same file, what's wrong with my iTunes?

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The incorrect time is most likely due to an error introduced by the encoding software. You can repair the problem by using the Convert to AAC feature in iTunes.

In iTunes 11 this feature can be found under the Create New Version → option of the File menu.

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Mr. Van Cool's fix did not work. Jaberg's suggestion worked, but I found an easier way to get to the "Convert ..." option. From the songs menu, right click on the songs with the bad time & "Convert to AAC" is in the popup menu. Fixed 4 songs in under a minute, added the M4A files to my playist, and burning to CD worked as expected.

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The wrong time duration, is not solved with iTunes 11 and it's not depending from the encoding software (with the new releases of iTunes).

Even re-loading the file, deleting it form the device, often doesn't sovle the problem.

the only one effective solution I found (I got several times this issue) is:

  • Remove the file with iTunes form your device
  • Check if the song was really removed from the device, into the device itself with iTunes on the iPhone or iPad. If not, touch the title, shift your finger to left, and a red rectangle "DELETE" will appear and touch it.
  • Rename the file of the song and re-upload it.

The reason of the 3rd point above is that: I noticed that often, even applying the first 2 points, for some reason (unknown to me), the device still put the old duration and/or old parameters. Changing the original file name, solves the issue.

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