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I've been looking on the Internet for the shortcut to the Format Painter tool. No luck so far, it seems there's no shortcut for this tool. Maybe someone here knows better.

Format Painter Icon

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The words to describe the icon you selected is the format painter shortcut in excel. – user48927 May 8 '13 at 6:48

There is no official keyboard shortcut for that. But you can customize a shortcut. Here's how:

Go to Tools-> Customize Keyboard. Select "Edit" from categories. On the right hand side select "Formatting". Go to "Press new shortcut key" and type in a new shortcut. I used Command + Shift + v. And , click on "Add" . Close the window. All set. Now i can just use the normal copy ( Command + c) the cells from which i want to copy the formatting. Then go the cell where i want to paste the format and hit the keyboard shortcut (Command + Shift + v). BAM ! the format is copied.

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There is (now) a predefined shortcut for this

  • To copy the format: CMD+SHFT+C
  • To paste the copied format: CMD+SHFT+V
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This article here gave a detail guide on how to solve this quickly.

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Within Microsoft Office, one can use:

  • Cmd + Opt + c to copy format
  • Cmd + Opt + v to paste format
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