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I have an iPad on which I can access my email through a mobile mail server. It all works fine. But when trying to access my mail through my mac there is a security problem of some sort that won't allow me to access my email. So I was thinking, since I can avoid this security problem on my iPad, is there a way for me to access the same server as I do on my iPad? Maybe not in Mail.app but perhaps Sparrow or equivalent?

Cheers for the help!

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How do you connect to the mail-server? –  Phorce Jan 19 '13 at 13:52
Sorry for late answer, didn't see it. I use an email address, a server (mobile.company.com), domain (company.com), username, password. This all works fine on my iPad. But when I try to connect using my mac it wants me to use webmail.company.com not mobile.comapny.com. And that's where it stops working (because the webmail is a lot more restricted and what not)....any ideas?? Just surprised i can't get it to work on my mac when it works perfectly on my ipad.... –  Fredrik Nordström Mar 24 '13 at 21:56

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