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I just got a new 5th generation apple airport extreme and I set it up in the dual band mode and I am wondering if it is possible to see which frequency the iphone 5 is connecting to. I know that on the computer you can hold down option when clicking on the wifi menu, but I would really like to know which one my iphone is connecting to.

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Is there no possible way to do this? –  Stephen Jan 19 '13 at 21:31

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See the answers to this similar question.

Since you are using an AirPort Extreme, you can set up a separate SSID for the 5GhZ-network and connect to that one manually on your phone, and from there be able to see which network you're on. To do this, follow the below step:

Airport Utility 6.0: Airport Extreme > Edit > Wireless > Wireless Options > Tick the box next to "5GHz network name".
Airport Utility 5.6 and earlier: Manual Setup > Wireless > Wireless Network Options > Tick the box. Source

P.S. Having a different SSID does not make it a separate network, it just makes the two bands differentiable.

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