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I hope this question is not a duplicate. I use a lot of pdfLaTeX in my daily work on OSX (10.8). I've been using Skim and its SyncTeX support to preview PDFs and link forward and backward and that's fine. There are a bunch of PDF viewers on OSX and I'm wondering if others also support SyncTeX (commercial or not). I tend to prefer standalone editors and previewers instead of integrated environments such as TeXShop, but I'd like to hear about all types of PDF viewers that offer SyncTeX support. I'm not finding that this information is easily accessible on the web so answers to this question might serve as a handy reference.

For starters, it seems the standard OSX Preview doesn't support SyncTeX. Is that correct?

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If you don't mind using macports you can install okular:

port install okular 

Consider editing the port file if you want to use kile (KDE's TeX editor) as well, as it depends on texlive and most mac users already have a TeXlive installation through MacTeX:

port edit kde4-kile
#remove the line which contains texlive
port install kde4-kile

After installing okular (and optionally kile) open okular and go to Settings > Configure Okular > Editor and insert the command to start your favorite editor( %f stands for the path, %l for the line). This question on describes the setup for kile.

Finally click on any part of the PDF while holding shift to use reverse sync.

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