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I've been searching for this for a while without satisfactory results.

One way to share internet from the PC to the iPad is by doing an ad-hoc network, if the PC allow us to do so. Otherwise, I have two questions:

  • If the PC is connected to internet, How can we share internet from the PC to the iPad via USB?
  • Suppose the iPad is connected to internet by means of some wireless network, How can we share internet from the iPad to the PC via USB?

I have an iPad Version: 5.1.1 (9B206), Model: MB292LL (the first ones).

Alternatively, if the iPad is connected to some wireless network, is it possible make it an access point, so it extends the range of the network?

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AFAIK iDevices MUST use Wifi for internet accesss. So No USB.

iDevices can provide an internet connection only when Personal Hotspot is enabled (So it's only for Cellular iDevices). In this only case you can use USB for internet connection.

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