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How can I choose hexadecimal web colours (like #000000 and #fffff) to use in system and third party apps? (e.g. an image editor like GraphicConverter)

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Things I've tried which haven't worked: I've checked the manual and Google of course, and I've tried looking through the default Apple color picker which I could swear used to let you choose this (I'm now on OS X 10.7). – tog22 Jan 15 '13 at 10:45
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Skala Color is another solution, that works very well in the latest versions of Mac OSX.

enter image description here

You can select HEX to appear in place of the RGB code, which appears in the above picture.

I used Hex Color Picker for a long time but finally got tired of it trying to be smarter than me. Frequently I would type a single character and it filled in all 6 values for that same number; other times I would get through 2 characters and Hex Color Picker would repeat that. For whatever reason, I had to constantly copy/paste values into the picker, because it kept thinking it knew what I wanted (it didn't).

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Thanks, switched answer – tog22 Oct 31 '14 at 8:50

Use Hex Color Picker:


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In newer versions of the stock OS X Colors utility: Select sliders from the toolbar and then "RGB Sliders" in the drop down - this will allow you to both read and enter RGB values hex:

enter image description here

Not sure in which version of OS X this was introduced, but it's relatively newish.

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