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The little button that sits on the microphone of my iPhone headset stopped working.

Normally, pressing the button will pause a song, go to the next song if you double-click it, and go to the previous song if you triple-click it.

Now the button doesn't do any of these things, but the headphones and mic are working fine.

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I discovered that the contact was not flush with the top of the iPhone but was a little bit above. When I looked inside the headphone jack with a flashlight it looked somewhat strange at the bottom. I straightened out a paperclip and managed to fish up a small lump of pocket lint that had probably been forming in there for half a year or so. Just wanted to deliver this as a tip for anyone who runs into the same problem, before you send your headphones back to Apple as broken as so many people seem to have done.

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I had the exact same problem for about six months. Paperclip is the answer – bruno077 Dec 31 '10 at 23:40

Have you tried another set of headphones?

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It would have to be a pair that also have that little button and I will not buy an extra pair just for trying that. The result would have been that those would exhibit the same problem though, see my solution. – Stefan Thyberg Jul 28 '09 at 11:34

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