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With Skitch, I often find myself wanting to take screenshots of different parts of the screen, annotating them, and combining them into one image. I could use a separate program for this last step, such as Acorn, but is it possible to do this from within Skitch?

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Nope, not possible within Skitch.

The quickest workaround I've found to achieve that is using Keynote as a canvas, so you can combine the image in no time :

  • open a new 'White' theme in Keynote
  • drag & drop the 2 images from Skitch to Keynote
  • align the images in Keynote, resize, do some edits if necessary
  • take a snapshot with Skitch
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Great tip, thank you! – Alessandro Vernet Feb 6 '11 at 7:41

Can't do it with Skitch, as noted. But LittleSnapper will work. It creates an image for each screen, then you can drop them all into a photo imaging app and compose into one image.

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