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I wonder how to edit the following two files, so that I can change the system keyboard layout. It seems they are binary resource files, but I'm not sure.

/System/Library/Keyboard\ Layouts/AppleKeyboardLayouts.bundle/Contents/Resources/AppleKeyboardLayouts-B.dat

/System/Library/Keyboard\ Layouts/AppleKeyboardLayouts.bundle/Contents/Resources/AppleKeyboardLayouts-L.dat

I could use Ukelele to create a custom layout, but I would like to know how Ukelele reads the current layouts, and more over whether it is posible to edit the system layout directly.

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As far as I know, nobody has found a way to edit the system layouts directly. Making a custom layout via Ukelele is the way to go.

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Although I prefer to just make my own maps, it seems that a lot of the files for the default keyboards are stored in /opt/X11/share/X11/xkb/keymap

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