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I set out to execute the following steps on OS X Mountain Lion to mount an NFS share-


sudo dscl . -create /Mounts/foo
sudo dscl . -create /Mounts/foo VFSLinkDir /Volumes/share
sudo dscl . -create /Mounts/foo VFSOpts resvport ro nosuid
sudo dscl . -create /Mounts/foo VFSType nfs
sudo dscl . -create /Mounts/foo RecordName nfs.example.com:/srv/share


sudo dscl . -list /Mounts
sudo dscl . -read /Mounts/nfs.example.com:/srv/share

After creating, when I tried to list the mounts, my mac air stopped responding. On restart, when I log on to my account, it freezes on a finder window without loading anything else. I can't seem to kill it or start task manager or do anything else.

I can log on to the guest account but not with my own account.

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