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I have an iphone 4 that is stuck in restore mode after trying to update to ios 6 wirelessly. Unfortunately, I do not have a recent itunes backup of this phone.

Is there any way to recover my photos from this device before I try to restore it? Will restoring it wipe all the data on the phone?

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Do you have an iCloud backup? Do you have Photo Stream enabled? These each provide convenient ways of getting your recent photos.

If not Dr. Fone is the best option I can think of. It's not cheap ($70) but if the photos are valuable enough it is worth at least downloading the trial to test.

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Thanks for the suggestion. I ended up using Dr. Fone (although the website made me suspect I was getting ripped off..), and it worked great. Unfortunately, I did not have iCloud or photostream on the phone. Now that I've recovered my photos I'm backup up to my laptop on a regular basis. – Zach Mar 5 '13 at 13:53

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