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When presenting a PowerPoint (.pptx) document, I'll likely have a clicker but cannot count on having visible access to the notes I've written inside it for each slide to help me present.

The presentation will be running on a Windows machine.

Is there an app for the iPhone where I can not only open the PowerPoint document, but easily read the notes only, slide-by-slide?

Alternatively, what solutions do you suggest? Google Docs?

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The best imho is: Keynote + Keynote Remote. But it requires a Mac. – Matthieu Riegler Jan 8 '13 at 19:28
Right, but the "presentation will be running on a Windows machine" — nothing can do about that. – Baumr Jan 8 '13 at 20:56
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Have you taken a look at Slideshow Remote?

This is a well-regarded app (with both free and pro versions) that can remotely control PowerPoint on a PC and allow you to view and edit the presenter's notes.

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Holy smokes, that's just it! Thank you! – Baumr Mar 9 '13 at 19:21

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