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I've recently purchased a band from Lunatik to use my Ipod Nano as a watch.

To do this, I've gone into Settings > Date and Time > Time on Wake and put this ON.

At first, this worked as expected, showing me the watch face when I hit the 'on' button. But after I've played some music on the Nano, now it sometimes shows me the music application (even though its NOT playing) instead of the Clock.

I've checked and the setting 'Time on Wake' is still on.

Anyone know how I can avoid this behaviour and always get the Clock when I hit the 'on' button?

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Might as well answer this.

I've found out that it depends on what screen you had active before the iPod goes to sleep. If it goes to sleep with the Music screen, that apparently gets priority over the clock on waking (even if you have checked the 'time on wake' setting).

A workaround I've found is navigating to any Settings screen before putting the iPod to sleep. Upon waking up, he'll 'default' back to the Clock then... Apparently the Music screen has a higher 'priority' than the Settings screen, go figure.

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I just figured out that if you are only using it as a watch like I am, then simply delete any music on it and it will always wake up in watch mode. Not sure what to do if you want music. Cheers.

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