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I believe followed the directions on how to create a bootable USB drive from the Ubuntu website. My question is how can I get my Powerbook to boot from the USB drive? I tried doing the command+control+o+f and it just shows me the file icon with the question mark I also tried booting it holding the option button and it directs me to a screen with two buttons a refresh and a next button, I click on the next button and nothing happens?? kinda stumped.

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I am pretty sure the Powerbooks don't boot from USB drives. You'll need to burn a CD.

I'm going to assume that you downloaded Ubuntu from the homepage at, which will give you ISOs for Intel (x86 and x64) processors. Since your computer has a PowerPC processor, you will need to download that ISO: Ubuntu's wiki for installing on PowerPC

Edit - Someone on the Ubuntu forums says you should be sure to download the livecd version and set arguments for loading the kernel:

Be sure to down load the powerpc live disk. 8.04.1 will give you the least trouble with booting. On my Ibook I have to press the tab key as the first words come up as it begins to boot. This takes you to a screen with some options to load the kernel. The one that works for me is "linux-nosplash-powerpc".

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Thanks for that info beats having to keep trying something that doesn't work. What if my ROM drive is bad? Could I load it off an external ROM drive? The laptop will boot in open firmware?? – Estela Sanchez Jan 7 '13 at 4:29
@EstelaSanchez This (otherwise irrelevant) article says that it can boot from a CD drive connected over FireWire. Haven't found anything about USB. – Kevin Chen Jan 7 '13 at 7:58

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