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How can I make GrowlTunes start automatically when either Growl or OSX does?

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Another, possibly quicker way, is to drag it into your dock (if not already there), then right-click it, go to Options>Open at Login. Then drag it out of your dock if you don't want it to stay in your dock.

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Clever little trick +1 – conorgriffin Feb 4 '11 at 0:26

Go to Preferences -> Accounts -> Select your account -> Select the "Login Items" button or tab (not sure what I would call it!) -> Then press the + sign to add a new start up item and select GrowlTunes.

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Drag and drop is also supported in this area if you like. Just drag from Finder into System Preference's "Login Items" once you're there. – Randy6T9 Feb 4 '11 at 0:00

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