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I have a early 2011 Macbook Pro (8,1). I am loading Windows 7 with Boot Camp, but cannot get any of the drivers to install. (ethernet, video, etc)

I have tried both the Snow Leopard cd, and downloading drivers online, neither work. I have tried reformatting/reinstalling, and even tried loading a old copy of XP and I had the exact same problem there too.

What happens: I install the drivers successfully, restart, and nothing has changed. I can see the drivers installed in the programs list (when I go to "uninstall programs") but if I go to Device Manager all of the devices (ethernet, video, etc) show a yellow triangle and say they need drivers! It's like I'm installing the wrong drivers or something.

I can't find any other posts with a problem like this, I have been working on this forever and am kind of at my wits end. Any ideas??

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