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I'm facing a strange problem where my WLAN suddenly stops working the moment I plug in my HDTV into my MacBook 13" (mid-2010) using an HDMI to DisplayPort adapter.

Any idea why this is happening?

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Bit of a shot in the dark but have you tried a different cable? Maybe the one you're using is damaged and is shorting something somewhere which is affecting the wireless antenna. It is definitely a weird problem by the sounds of it but you could try a couple of tests by first using a different cable, then using a different TV with each cable and see if they all produce the same result. If they do then it might be worth getting Apple to take a look at your DisplayPort socket if you're under warranty or a good repair shop. I've seen weird things happen to computers with dodgy USB cables so there's a chance it's something like that.

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It look like I'm not the only one who is fighting this issue. That guy uses the same router (Linksys WRT54GL) as I do and just switched the WLAN channel to solve the problem.

This does also solve the problem for me.

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