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I tried to save a window arrangement but when I open iTerm it opens two windows:

  1. one with my saved arrangement
  2. one with no arrangements

How can I make iTerm2 remember my Window/tabs layout?

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This was answered on superuser by another user and the solution worked for me.

Turn off prefs>general>open default window arrangement, and turn off system prefs>general>close windows when quitting an application.

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First create some profiles and then use Command - Option/Alt - Shift H (H is for horizontal split; or swap in V for vertical split). It will show you a list of your profiles and you can then add those to your split. This short video shows how: iterm2 Profiles and Window Arrangements.

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Thanks for the Video I learnt some new tricks. But my problem is when I quit iTerm2 & open it back. it doesn't save the last state it was on, even with window arrangements. – ahmedelgabri Feb 15 '13 at 11:16

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