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I'm looking for a better alternative for top. Both top and Activity Monitor are highly limited with regards to features. In particular, I'm interested in the following features:

  • Limit processes by name
  • Send different kill-signals to a process interactively, i.e. select the process from the process list and send a signal
  • Ability to show the entire command, not only the program name (as top -c does on Linux)
  • Show the status of each process
  • Optional: On Linux, top also updates the command when displayed, i.e. if a process writes in it's own argv during runtime, the updated command will be shown.

Htop is not an option, as it is unstable on Mac OS and only a small subset of it's features actually works on a Darwin system, probably because it partially relies on procfs. Is there a build or fork of htop that works on OS X since it has the features I want if it worked as it does on Linux?

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You can install htop on Mac through brew with the following command:

brew install htop-osx

Don' t forget to grant root privileges after the installation.

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Or with macports sudo port install htop – Matteo Apr 20 '13 at 15:44
As I said, htop is not an option. It's features very limited on Mac OS X, most of them simply don't work. – barbaz Apr 21 '13 at 13:18

Sending of signals and filtering by user is available out of the box. From man top

          When top is run in interactive (non-logging) mode, it is possible to control the output of top, as well as  in-
          teractively  send  signals to processes.  The interactive command syntax is terse.  Each command is one charac-
          ter, followed by 0 to 2 arguments.

          Send <sig> to <pid>.  <sig> can be specified either as a number or as a name (for example, HUP).   The  default
          signal  starts  out as TERM.  Each time a signal is successfully sent, the default signal is updated to be that
          signal.  <pid> is a process id.

          Only display processes owned by <user>.  Either the username or uid number can be specified.   To  display  all
          processes, press enter without entering a username or uid number.

If you want to extend top yourself, the source code is available on

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Thanks for the answer. Yes, I'm aware of that "feature"... however, specifying a signal and a PID is not really what counts as interactive... there is not improved comfort over writing "kill" on the commandline. I mean, the process should be selectable interactively (as in htop) – barbaz Jan 3 '13 at 10:12

You can use process explorer for OS X - has that as a free download. It's modeled after Linux top, and is much more powerful than Apple's own.

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1. Could you link directly to the download. 2. Be sure to read over the help center on promotion. – bmike Nov 1 '13 at 4:00

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