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My sisters and I all have iPhones under the same account. I also have an iPad under the same account. I am trying to get the iMessage on my iPad compatible with my phone number, not email address.

The only phone number choice to choose from is my sister's iPhone number. How can I choose my phone number for iMessage on my iPad?

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The only way to get a phone number associated with iMessage is for that phone number to be provisioned to an iPhone and have SMS messages active from the carrier. At that point, you can sign in to iMessage with your Apple ID / iCloud account and it will verify the phone number is actually connected to that device and your AppleID will then inherit that phone number.

At that point, you can remove that phone number from that iPhone and use another Apple ID with iMessage.

So, unless you can borrow an iPhone long enough to get your carrier to provide 5 minutes of service to an iPhone - long enough to register, you will be stuck with an email address for iMessage.

By this process, you could have more than one phone number associated with one Apple ID. You cannot however get one phone number associated with more than one Apple ID as the last ID to get registered with iMessage removes that number from any other Apple ID that used to "claim" that number as deliverable.

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It only gives me the choice of my sisters number! I don't know how to add another phone number! –  Maddy Jan 3 '13 at 1:12
You can only associate one phone number to any Apple ID as far as I know, so having seperate Apple IDs would be the preferred way to go. –  Emil Feb 5 '13 at 10:01

You can't add another phone number to the same Apple ID, but you can add another e-mail address instead.

Go to Settings -> Messages -> Send & Receive and 'Add Another E-mail...' there.

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