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My mac was stolen and I went on find my iphone to take the next steps :

  • I tried to locate it, but it was offline (probably because there was no battery at the time it was stolen).
  • So next, I decided to Lock it. The Lock was 'pending' for another day or so.
  • After that I decided to erase it. So I pressed erase and then it said erase was 'pending', however the 'lock is pending' was not there.

Both the lock and erase buttons are faded out.

  • Does this mean my mac has been locked?
  • If it was locked, would the location have been sent to me right before?
  • Can I locate/erase it now?
  • If it has been locked, is it possible for people to access my information?
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I think your mac is just out of juice and all those things like locking/erasing/locating will happen when your mac gets power or when someone turns your mac on.

So normally no one will be able to access your information.

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Thanks, I'm just going to try and stop worrying about it! – wachooch Dec 31 '12 at 11:43

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