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I have my OS X 10.8.2 system with bootcamp, with Windows 7 on the other partition. However, when I try to set the startup disk in System Preferences, I get the error

The bless tool was unable to set the current boot disk

Looking at the console when I try this, I located what appears to be the source of the error:

12/27/12 1:03:36.991 AM System Preferences[28025]: currentBootDevice: being checked by DiskManagement
12/27/12 1:03:37.056 AM System Preferences[28025]:  currentBootDevice: DONE checking by DM copyDiskForBootPreference, err = -69794
12/27/12 1:03:37.123 AM System Preferences[28025]: currentBootDevice: (null)

It would appear that OS X can't find the current boot disk, for some reason. Of course, the error code -69794 is not to be found anywhere. I have already tried repairing the disk/permissions on both the Mac and Windows side. Is there any way to regain the functionality of the Startup Disk panel?

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