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Both my wife and I have iPhone 4s' and we both listen to podcasts a lot. We like to stream them through a bluetooth speaker (portable). We are looking for a speaker that allows you to pair multiple phones to it but select which one you want to connect if both phones are in range and streaming.

Eg. 2 rooms close enough to be in range and connected to both phones but we want to say room 1 get phone 1 and room 2 gets phone 2. If we switch rooms we should be able to just select the other phone on the speaker and switch to the other phone.

Bluetooth is always on for both phones and do not want to deal with turing it off and on constantly. Just want to have to turn on the bluetooth speaker and go.

Maybe I am going about this the wrong way... open to other solutions such as airplay if the speaker is small (haven't seen any small airplay speakers). Currently our bluetooth speakers streams to the one that was paired first. If the second phone is streaming and you start playing something from the first phone it overrides the current phone if in range (which it is most of the time) so it gets annoying especially because it does phone calls too.

Would like to have one speaker in each room (2 total) instead of buying 4 and pairing each phone to one speaker in each room.

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