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While browsing on my Ipad2 we'd like to take notes and save whole websites (not just bookmark them). The Evernote add-on on Chrome (on my PC) gives the exact functionality that I'm looking for. Is there an equivalent app for Ipad? Note that for a special accessibility reason we use Chrome instead of Safari. Thank you.

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I just discovered a reasonable way to add the Evernote bookmarklet to Chrome on my iPad.

  1. Start to create a new bookmark on any page by clicking the star in the URL bar

  2. Enter a name for the bookmarklet. I just used Evernote.

  3. Delete the URL in the bookmark dialog box and replace with the Evernote bookmarklet:

  4. Save the bookmark

Now if you type the name of the bookmark Chrome should show an autocomplete list with the Javascript code — just select it and press Return. For me there is a longish pause before the Evernote pop up appears.

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