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our two kids have got ipod touches for Christmas. I tried to get them separate Apple ID accounts but it said because we had the same email address we could only have the one Apple ID. Is there a way to have two separate Apple IDs on the same email address? If not how is the best way to keep their itunes card money separate?

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The only way is to have separate email account, you cannot use the same email for different account. If I understand correctly, you want to have control over those accounts and receive the monthly purchased email in one account. You can setup 2 email accounts with forwarding service which will send all the mail from their account to your main email account. Gmail have everything you need for free.

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iTunes accounts are tied to an Apple ID so if you want to keep their accounts separate you'll need two IDs. And as IDs are not allowed to have the same email address you'll need separate ones there as well.


  • set app free email addresses for them (e.g. on Gmail) and set auto-forwarding to your account
  • create aliases for your iCloud account and use these
  • create individual iCloud addresses for them and set auto-forwarding there

Thinking ahead I would recommend the third option. In a few years they will want/need their own mail address anyway.

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