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There are some notes that I created on my iphone and i can't see them on my macbook pro. I have icloud turned on everywhere and I do see certain notes synced across my devices but some are just on one.

Is there anyway to determine what the issue is? Is there a known issue with notes not syncing properly?

Any suggestions are appreciated.

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It is possible you have an email account with "Notes" enabled on your iPhone, but don't have the same account set up on your Mac.

On your iPhone, in the Notes listing, tap "Accounts" in the upper left corner. Mentally review those accounts.

On your Mac, click the Navigation icon that shows two lists next to a box, and makes sure the accounts are the same.

nav button

If the accounts aren't the same, setup the missing accounts on your Mac in Mail Preferences. Also, if you have an Note "Account" on your iPhone that is named something like "On my iPhone", transfer those notes to an account that syncs. You can accomplish that by, tapping the Share icon in the note, tap "Copy", tap "Notes" to view your list of notes, tap "Accounts", tap an account that will sync to your Mac, tap the "+" icon, tap and hold, paste the note that. (Hopefully you don't have too many notes that need that action).

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thanks that second part worked by copying from "On my iphone". That being said, I don't understand what i am doing wrong. Are you saying notes created on iphone don't sync? I would have thought any note created on the iphone would sync to my mac. If i click "+" when i am looking at "All my notes" view, which account does it create the note under the icloud account (instead of the on my iphone bucket) – leora Dec 25 '12 at 12:42
While tedious, it worked to copy, paste into the iCloud notes account from the PC notes account. Thanks, it's been driving me crazy!! – user40129 Jan 22 '13 at 3:28

I thought I would add that I found I could simply add a return to the end of each note in iPhone that was not showing up on my Mac and it automatically synced the note the the Mac. Not sure why it worked but it was easier than copy and pasting every note.

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Apple is really starting to decline in their quality control. If Tim ate his own dog food this would never happen – boulder_ruby Dec 22 '15 at 16:28

I had the same issue with syncing notes. The copy paste method worked perfectly I opened the iPhone note that I wanted to appear on my macbook, copied the note, went back into the iCloud note folder, opened a new blank note in the iCloud note folder, pasted the data (previously copied from iPhone note) into a new note. It appeared in the cloud note folder on my iPhone as well as the notes folder on my macbook.

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