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I've downloaded IOS 6.0.1 from direct link(not using iTunes). My download can't complete in iTunes as my internet disconnects before completion. So, guys, can anybody help me how can I install downloaded IOS on my iPhone 4S?

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iOS Updates Using a Downloaded IPSW File

Note that .ipsw files are specific to the device (i.e. the iPhone 4 GSM is distinct from the iPhone 4 CDMA). Make sure you download the correct one.

  1. Plug your iPhone into your computer with the USB cable (Wi-Fi won't work for this).
  2. Open the iPhone device page in iTunes (either from the sidebar in iTunes 10, or the Devices button in iTunes 11).
  3. While holding down option (or shift in Windows), click the Restore button. You should get an open file dialog.
  4. Select the .ipsw file you downloaded, and click OK. Your iPhone should start to update normally.
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He actually can't install iOS 6 on iPhone 4S since isn't signed anymore by apple. – gattol Nov 30 '13 at 15:35

This method doesn't work since Itunes no matter what needs to check the version of the iOS with the update server, in other words you would need internet to install it, if the version is older the server will reject it and you need to install directly from their servers

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While the iPhone is plugged in, go to the devices tab. Hold the (left) SHIFT key and click update. Go to the directory of the iOS, and enjoy :)

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