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I'm currently using XCode in conjunction with Unity. When I initiate a build in Unity, it automatically runs XCode. XCode will then steal focus from whatever app I happen to be in. Is there a way of disabling apps stealing focus in OSX?

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When you initiate a build in Unity, does a window or tab also automatically open in Xcode, or is it silent (just the app activates or becomes the focused app)? – Ali Samii Dec 19 '12 at 23:35

You can add this to the Info.plist of Xcode to make it launch in the background:


(You might need to get write privileges on the Info.plist if you downloaded Xcode from the Mac App Store)

Source and details about what it can break:

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I can vouch that adding those two lines of code into Info.plist isn't a workable solution in OS X 10.9.5. The programs launch and don't steal focus alright, but then you can't get back to work in those programs by clicking on their icons on the dock (that produces no response at all) or by selecting them from the lineup produced by clicking Com-Tab (they don't even appear there). You may be able to find their windows if you hide all other programs. This is pretty much as annoying and time-wasting as the original problem: program B stealing focus as it starts up even though you've made it crystal clear that you want to continue your work in program A during B's startup by putting program A's window in front and typing away on it. Of course your keyboarding causes havoc in program B when it steals focus from program A, which you then have to spend time trying to deal with. It's hard to imagine how it can be that OS X developers haven't recognized this problem and corrected it long before now. Why would anyone want to sit and do nothing but watch the screen during a program launch?

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