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Is there any way to tell iOS mail app to put emails from specific senders in a special folder automatically?

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If you’re using an iCloud mail account then you can go to http://icloud.com/#mail

In the top right of the screen there’s a preferences icon — looks like a cog. If you click on that the preferences pop-over opens, click on Rules and from there you can configure some basic rules to put messages into specified folders.

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If you make them a VIP and use the VIP folder - YES.

If you don't use VIP, no - not in the mobile Mail app. You'll want to look into Gmail and the gmail app for that sort of server side filtering.

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Largely, the answer is "No". iOS default mail doesn't have some of the things that OS X Mail has such as rules. The good part is there are a few work-arounds.

Depending on your needs, there are VIP mailboxes in iOS 6. These can be configured by tapping Mailboxes (back arrow) in the Mail app, and then tapping the arrow next to VIPs. There are several problems with this method, however. The biggest being, it puts those emails into the VIP folder AND the inbox. The other problem is it is just one "folder".

For many reasons, VIPs may be undesirable you, and the only other way to manage that would be to manually move them. Tap the Edit button above and on the right of the email list. Tap the emails you would like to move, and then tap Move, then select the folder to move them to.

Side note: the only other way to do this would be through a service like Gmail, or using the OSX mail app.

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