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Is it possible to change the primary screen for a Mac through command line?

The traditional way of doing this is from System Preferences > Displays and dragging the white menu bar on the top, between screens.

I have different setups at home and work and sometimes I need the primary display to be different. Rather than having to change this by dragging/dropping as explained above, I would like to run a script through a program like Alfred/QuickSilver and then just toggle/switch my primary displays.

If i could do this through command line, it would be awesome. There is this program called cscreen that allows me to do this, but it only runs on PowerMacs.

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If no one has an easy answer, you might need to run fs_usage and track which preference file changes to record the choice of screen to host the menu bar. Once you've captured a version of that file for each layout, you could easily script that as a shell script. Also, try comparing the files in case it's just a trivial edit and the preference isn't somehow embedded in a data structure or otherwise not easily editable by a shell script. – bmike Dec 18 '12 at 20:29

cscreen actually runs on Intel-based Mac as well. You should be able to change primary display through it.

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