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I tried to FaceTime my brother (who is using an iPhone 4s) from my MacBook Pro using the FaceTime app. The iPhone is on a 3G network, the MacBook is on my own Wi-Fi network.

The FaceTime app doesn't say that the iPhone is unavailable; it just keeps trying to connect, but the iPhone doesn't ring or do anything.

What might be the problem?

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Has your brother updated his phone to iOS 6?

If he has a jailbroken iPhone on iOS 5, he can use this.

And if you're in the US, this might help. To bypass all of this, just have him go on Wi-fi.

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I have the same problem. I assume that your brother's iPhone is on iOS 6 (which officially comes with the cellular FaceTime feature) and uses AT&T (which blocks this feature). I've heard someone say AT&T might start letting all iPhones use cellular FaceTime, but I believe the official word is that cellular FaceTime only works with AT&T if you have a Mobile Share plan or if you have an iPhone 5. Meanwhile you'll have to call him with Skype or Google Hangout, or he'll have to go to WiFi.

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