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i've an issue with every dedicated software used for virtualization. My macbook pro 5,3 (2,66ghz P8800, 8 gb ram, ssd ocz agility 3 120 gb, hdd installed into the cd slot; mac os x mountain lion 10.8.3, windows 8 pro, linux ubuntu 12.10) runs parallels 8/vmware fusion 5 so slowly when i restart from the bootcamp partition. (Not only parallels bootcamp, but every vm i have installed. (backbox 3, ubuntu)) Obviously i keep only one virtualization software installed, and now i'm using parallels.

When it happens, the only thing i can do is to restart again my mac, and 2/3 of times the virtualization works again with all the performance i know.

Do you have any idea about what's going on?

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