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Some basic rules for my listening:

I play whole albums randomly shuffled. Nothing gets listened to twice before everything has been listened to once.

On Ipod I have two smart lists: Ipod2Play = Selected albums Not2Play = Tracks from Ipod2play that have been listened to. Both lists are live updated so as songs get played, they drop from Ipod2play into Not2play. Thus I can randonly shuffle albums from iPod2play without fear of repeats.

I have tried to replicate this on my Iphone, but whilst Not2Play updates nicely, the tracks do not drop from iPod2play. Also, beacuse the iPhone does not have the Album Shuffle feature, I have to use a 3rd party AlbumMixer app to shuffle the albums from iPod2play. As that list does not update I keep getting repeat plays.

From browsing this and other forums I see that SmartList updating is a known problem with Iphones. Is anybody at Apple looking into a this and does anybody have a solution

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