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I recently upgraded iTunes and my iPad to the latest versions. (You can deduce the version from the timestamp of this question.) Now, when I try to manually add a video to my iPad by manually dragging it to the "movies" under "on this iPad" I get an indefinite spinning ball; iTunes immediately "stops responding" (in the sense that "Force quit applications" lists it as "not responding") and I have to force quit it. I have a new and otherwise blazingly fast iMac. Why can't my iMac handle manually adding a movie?

I would greatly prefer to manually add content to my iPad. Is there any way around this?

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I've had the same (or very similar) issue. When I try to manually add a movie from Finder to my iPad, iTunes beach balls as soon as my cursor reaches the window. I have found that if I guess where/when to release the mouse, it usually detects and adds the files as appropriate, but it often takes up to a minute of beach balling before getting to that point. Borderline unusable at the moment. – robmathers Dec 14 '12 at 2:45

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