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I want to change the default settings for iTunes U in iTunes 11. I can not find anything however relating to podcasts or iTunes U in the preference window. Now I need to change the Episodes to keep property for every course. I want to change it for all the courses at once. How do I do that?

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The setting is a little bit hidden:

  • Go to iTunes U in iTunes 11
  • right or command-click on one of your courses.
  • click on settings
  • a view for settings will apper - at first it will only look like you can edit the settings for the selected course
  • from the dropdown menu choose iTunes U default settings and you can edit the settings for every course according to your likings.

Here is a screenshot (in german but I think you will get the idea): enter image description here

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Go into the settings dialog for one of your courses.

You will see a drop-down menu next to "Settings for:"

Click on that, and at the top of that menu you will see "iTunes U Default"

You can change settings there.

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