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My system is working fine (iMac running Mountain Lion), except that when I try to import video to iMovie using the built-in iSight camera I see a message "no camera connected". iSight works fine in Skype, photobooth, etc.

The solution to this, documented here, is to trash at the path /System/Library/LaunchDaemons/ and it's supposed to rebuild after a restart. But when I navigate to this path, the relevant file is just not there. Restart doesn't affect it, neither does logging in with a different user account. Repairing disk permissions doesn't help. I found a file named at that location but only in a Time Machine backup - it's not present on my current system.

My main question is: does the absence of indicate a deeper problem that ought to be fixed? If not, I can live with not being able to import video directly to iMovie directly from the camera.

If it does indicate a deeper problem, I guess it's time to reinstall the OS. If that's the case, can I restore the system from a time machine backup or will this just reintroduce the original problem?

Thanks for reading - I'd really appreciate any input.

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Update: Reinstalled the OS and the 'cmio' file is now there, though doesn't rebuild when moved. iSight still not recognised. The iSight issue must be a bug confined to older versions of iMovie, even though they're still supported by Mountain Lion. I'll use QuickTime to import the footage.

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