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I setup a VPN server on my Buffalo WHR-HP-G300N router at Macau, and use it for access website over China Firewall when i travel in China. On Android and Windows, everything work fine, however on my Macbook Air and iPad, it got problems. I can access blocked site like but not facebook and youtube. If i ping it at terminal, it said "ping: cannot resolve Unknown host".

After i read this, i find i can restart my router and reboot my Macbook, and connect to VPN before any request to any blocked site so that i can successfully connect to facebook and youtube. However it works sometime but not always, and if i lost connection, it will not working anymore. Funny things is Windows and Android work just fine.

It is really annoying because i need to code on VPN and my Mac, would anyone can help me to solve it? Rather than restarting my router and my Mac every time. Please HELP!!!

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