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I've been updating my Mac toolchain in order to take advantage of C++11 features and eventually get pretty-print debugging of STL data structures. I used Homebrew to build the gcc 4.7.2 compiler. I've been able to recompile the source of my current project using this new compiler. However all versions of gdb that I've tried have various problems when setting breakpoints, viewing source code or viewing local variables. My development is on a recent MBP running the latest Mountain Lion updates. My IDE is Eclipse Juno with CDT version 8.1.1. And, yes, I've code signed all versions of gdb that I've built and attempted to use.

The version of gdb that I believe is installed as part of the Xcode command-line tools, version 6.3.50, has trouble displaying various template-based variables. I've also built and tried to use several other gdb versions (7.3.1, 7.4.1 & 7.5.1), but each gdb version has problems that make it difficult to impossible to set breakpoints, view source code and view variables. Specifically, these gdb versions don't know the source file or line number of functions defined in header files, breakpoints can't be set in these header-file functions, and many local variables have been "optimized out".

Has anybody else experienced these problems, and if so have you been able to resolve them? Which versions should I be using in my toolchain in order to avoid these problems?

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Why not try using the Xcode supplied clang it does have many of the C++11 features? – Mark Jan 31 '13 at 14:48

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