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I am actually using the sweidsh keyboard with an estonian layout, so the backtick key itself produces ' and while holding Shift, it produces .

Is there maybe a way to create a global keyboard shortcut?

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Looking through the keybindings in the Estonian keyboard layout that ships with Mac OS X, it appears (amazingly) that the backtick character (`) cannot be produced with any of the unmodified keys, nor with any combination of option, shift, or control, despite the fact that most of the option-character key combinations are left unmapped on this layout. There are many ways to modify it to produce this key combination.

You could create a modified Estonian layout using Ukelele, you could use a program like Keyboard Remap for Macbook, or even TextExpander.

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Thanks! I finally managed to change my keyboard layout with Ukelele. Now I can type ` with just a small keybaord shortcut! – ragulka Mar 21 '13 at 10:50

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