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I have an iPod Touch 4th generation running on iOS 4. For various reasons, I don't have a copy of all my songs on my computer running Windows 7 with iTunes 11. Is there a way to export my whole library, which contains both songs purchased on iTunes and songs ripped from CDs, to iTunes or elsewhere on my computer?

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The only means I have ever found of doing this is third-party software. I have used Senuti for this, and can confirm that it works.

The current version of Senuti: The free trial version allows you to restore up to 1000 songs. There is also a fully-free version from 2008 [MD5 (Senuti.0.52.dmg) = e84ebf4614ded95c53dc750492297c87] at, but though the source code is available (there and at SourceForge), it has not been maintained, and I have not confirmed that it still works. (You can get an older version from the developer, too.)

There is also TouchCopy: It appears to be very complete but is expensive, and the trial version is more limiting than is that of Senuti.

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Re the fully free version: He DOES now have the source code. However, when I tried the free version on my 10.8.5 Mac, it crashed on launch. Is it working for anyone? – Matthew Elvey Oct 19 '13 at 19:00
@MatthewElvey I haven’t tried it, but from the screenshot now on that page, the version for which he has source code was released in 2008, and OS X 10.8 was released four years after that. I imagine that perhaps a Mac developer might be able to bring it up to date given the code, but as it is I wouldn’t expect it to run on 10.8. – Ben Klein Oct 19 '13 at 21:39
Agreed. The free version did work recently, per this month-old article:… so I would say it's hardly confirmed that it doesn't work on 10.8. I'll try it on a clean OS (I have one fairly handy for that) and 10.6 (ditto). Updating your answer. – Matthew Elvey Oct 24 '13 at 17:55
@MatthewElvey Thanks for the edits — they are now in the answer (albeit themselves edited). :) – Ben Klein Oct 24 '13 at 18:31

I have heard very good reviews of iExplorer and it is designed to do exactly what you seek. I use Phoneview to get at things as I don't need the extra functionality of iExplorer and Phoneview was for sale when I was buying a tool for this a few years back.

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