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There is an annoyance in the iPhone 5 that the camera sensor is 4:3 but the phone display is 16:9. This makes photos not cover the entire screen.

Apple has now begun running a Thanksgiving commercial where they show the person viewing their photos and it takes up the whole screen of the phone.

Is there some setting configuration that I can change to display pictures fullscreen?

You can see the commercial here.

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Double tap on the photo to make it full screen. Alternatively, you can see toward the end of the commercial, a simple swipe to the left or the right brings up subsequent photos full screen without the overlay of controls on the top or bottom.

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I also think there is a 5 second timer so if you pull up a picture to show someone else, the upper and lower overlays will fade out after being shown for a few seconds initially. – bmike Dec 10 '12 at 18:20
Yeah, that’s true. It doesn’t come back if you change the picture. – duci9y Dec 15 '12 at 13:20

Tap the picture once. This hides the top and bottom menu bars.

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Take a picture, stretch it to the size you want, when it fits nicely, take a picture of the screen by pushing the home key and on off button at the same time. Your photo will be put in your photos full screen... It is simple, you can do it!

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