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I have been using my Apple TV3 and iPad2 successfully for over a month with a Wi-Fi network created on my iMac (no external router). I changed the network name and password so that a visitor could connect (I had forgotten my password) and now my airplay option has disappeared from my iPad. Both the Apple TV and iPad are connecting via Wi-Fi to the internet, the iMac is still showing the apple TV (audio only through iTunes due to age of iMac) but no matter what I try I cannot get the iPad airplay option back.

Things I have tried:

  • restoring/restarting the Apple TV
  • restarting iPad
  • restarting iMac
  • recreating network/internet sharing
  • reinstalling mountain Lion

I have read countless complaints about airplay not working with the iPad for people so am not sure that an airport extreme would fix the problem either. I am planning on getting an airport extreme but was hoping to wait a little longer because my setup was working for now.

Does anyone have any ideas short of buying an external router?

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I forgot to mention that I also can not get homesharing to work at all, it is turned on in itunes on the imac, turned on on the appletv and turned on with the iPad. – Marcella Dec 8 '12 at 21:22

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