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I am syncing photos through iTunes to my iphone but I am seeing 40 events with the same date show in the Events selector. The same photos are included within a single event in iPhoto. How can i get iTunes to see these events as one?

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I have same problem with iphoto latest version 9.4.2. At genius bar nobody know a solution. Genius talked to Cupertino, they know about the problem, we have to wait for an update for iphoto software. I tried using "iphoto library manager" software (not apple) to recover the iphoto library. Apparently problem was solved in itunes, but iphoto became very slow and i came back to normal iphoto library. In itunes events have a date as a name and each contains few pics, some of them have been deleted from the iphoto library but still in those strangfe events, maybe as a miniature. Somebody can help? Deleting ipod photo cache non solution, unfortunately.

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