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Does anyone know of any calendar software/approach, so that I can use my calendar from both Mac OS X and from Linux?

I use both Mac OS X and Linux regularly, and I'd like to be able to both view and edit my calendar from both platforms. Does anyone know of any solutions?

I don't want to have to use a web browser to access my calendar. Also, I'm trying to avoid Google/Gmail. (Maybe there's a way to host a calendar in iCloud or MobileMe and use it from both Mac OS X and Linux? Or maybe some open-source program that I can compile on both Mac OS X and Linux, and that hosts the data on a server I administer? Or something? Any ideas, anyone?)

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I assume that you don't refer to a dual boot Mac OS and Linux machine, where only one OS is running at a time. Sharing a calendar between different platforms means that you have to put the information on the network/internet.

For that you should have a look at the CalDAV standard, which is an extension of the WebDAV file sharing protocol. The Wikipedia article lists CalDAV server software (e.g. an Apache httpd module) as well as a couple of existing CalDAV services.

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Right, two separate machines, not a dual-boot Mac OS/Linux machine. Thank you for the information, bhell! –  D.W. Dec 6 '12 at 19:31
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