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Lately I have been receiving a lot of emails that have an embedded audio. The main cause is that my phone system is set to forward voice mails to my email. But this issue applies to any source of embedded audio.

In looking at the raw source, I see that it is an mp3 in MIME encoding.

Here is the minor problem: whenever I select an email containing the mp3, the Mail program locks up for maybe 10 seconds while some kind of processing occurs. I find this lock up to be annoying.

Once the processing has occurred, in the future selecting the same email has no further processing lockup. It is as if the "body" of the email containing the mp3 had to be downloaded from the server the first time. Yet these mp3-containing emails are quite small. Typically 100 - 200KB. So it seems like it is not download time.

What causes this processing lock up?

Do I just have to live with this until I get a faster computer?

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