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I need some help. My internet was working fine and all of a sudden I am not able to open a web page. I went through some of the steps you recommended to other users, such as adding DNS & to test internet connection but I still can't get a webpage to open up. I ran diagnostics and my internet connection is fine. When I connect the ehternet to the computer it connects fine, but I can't get the wifi to work. Can you help?

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when you are connected via wifi can you do the following please: 1) start the program Terminal via Spotlight 2) type ifconfig -a 3) copy and paste the output to the comments here 4) type ping -t 3 5) copy and paste the output to the comments here 6) type ping -t 3 7)copy and paste the output to the comments here – Pfitz Dec 6 '12 at 6:32

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