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Using Mac 10.6.8 here.

So I have Chrome in Space2, and Devonthink in Space1.

I wanted to drag the URL from Chrome to Devonthink. Can't think of a easier way other than to drag Chrome to space 1, then drag the URL to Devonthink.

While I know Devonthink has shortcuts that aids in this process, I can't help but wonder how can we interact with different applications across spaces?

Seems kinda difficult.

And is there anyway to save the workspace that we setup? I mean, its all cool and nice after setting up organizing your applications in the way you want it. But everything is gone after shutdown.

Is there anyway to save it and auto load the setup on startup?

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For the dragging thing, you could try starting the drag, then pressing Control-arrow to move to the right space. – daviewales Dec 5 '12 at 13:01

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