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On my keyboard layout, the M key is right next to the W key. This can be problematic at times because occasionally I will accidentally press Command-M instead of Command-W, causing the window to be minimized rather than closed.

Since there's no keyboard shortcut to un-minimize a window (well ok, no easy keyboard shortcut), this is even more annoying because then I have to switch to my trackpad to un-minimize the window and then try again to close it.

Is there a way to disable the Command-M shortcut for minimizing a window?

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You can "override" the default Command-M shortcut by mapping it to something else. To remap the key combination, launch System Preferences and choose Keyboard. Then the Keyboard Preferences Panel appears, click on the right tab named "Keyboard Shortcuts". You will notice many default keyboard shortcuts that you can override.

I've tried remapping Command-M using this method and it works.

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You can disable it by editing ~/Library/Preferences/.GlobalPreferences.plist:

defaults write -g NSUserKeyEquivalents -dict-add 'Minimize' '\0'

To apply the changes you have to reopen applications. If the shortcut was assigned to nil, pressing L would trigger it in Audacity.

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I agree, Command M minimize is my all-time greatest Mac pet peeve. Remapping Command-M to Zoom in "All Applications" seemed to be a good workaround as Zoom appears in all applications and doesn't have nearly as disruptive an effect as an unintentional Minimize.

I was going to try the terminal command above so I went to remove the command M for Zoom and lo and behold, Minimize was now listed with no key command. So I just left it that way, now command-M does nothing and minimize lives harmlessly in the Menu. No terminal command necessary.

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